Privacy Policy

Keeping the identity of our customer anonymous is one of the important aspects of our company. In our company, KLStudent Girl, we have designed all our policies to protect the personal details provided by our customers during their visit to our website. It will be better if you go through our privacy policies carefully before providing any personal details on our website. These details are collected from the customer for the purpose of making our service more friendly and customized.

Some of the details that we need from our customers are:

  • Name of the customers
  • Contact details
  • Email Id

We are very much aware that these details are highly valuable to our customers. So, we use various modern and technical methods to protect them. We discuss those details only with the girls who are willing to provide you the service.

These details are collected from the customer so that we can provide a fast and quality service. These details are kept under the provision of only a few experts. So, there is no need to worry that about your identity getting exposed to anyone. The details are protected by the use of high-tech and modern antivirus to prevent them from any kind of malware attacks.

Terms and conditions

You can relate the Terms of our company very much with the company’s Privacy Polices. Please go through the terms and conditions given below before your start browsing our website. Everyone who visits our website has to obey these terms in order to keep on browsing our website.

  • The contents that you will find on our website are analytic. The information is loaded for giving you some clear idea about our services. If any mistake is found in the content then we are not liable for it. Most of the contents are uploaded voluntarily so the company does not claim for its 100% accuracy.
  • Please compare the content you will find on our website with your other known sources. The company does not take any responsibility for the mistake of any information if found.
  • You will find lots of external links on our website. Those links are there to give you some more information about our services. We do not promote any of those links through our website.
  • Most of the things you will find on our website are copyright like the logo and name of our company. If anyone is found copying that information then they may prepare themselves for some legal actions.
  • Promotion of duplication is not done on our website like graphics, layouts, etc. Legal actions will be taken against those who are found to copying those items.

The company has the authority to change any of the information presents on the website without informing the visitors. So, it is requested that you must check every time you visit our website for getting the latest data.